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Welcome to the BDSM and erotic world of James Scaife

This is a place for adults only where they can discard the trappings of society. Where they can indulge and immerse themselves in Bondage, discipline, wildly erotic sexual desires that their minds dream of, and by doing so take refuge from the callousness of this world.

Slave Island Chroniques is the first series of books by James Scaife. They tell the story of Felicia, Jill and others who go from student, housewife, clerk or model to slaves either for a summer vacation or a life time of bondage, torture and sexual use. Felicia goes for a vacation and then returns home to seek to continue her sexual and slavery play. Finally, she seeks to be a Pleasure or Sexual slave and immersing herself in sexual and BDSM desires to the point where she becomes an animal to her master solely for use by him in any way with anything for the pleasure of her owner and thus herself.

Each book contained BDSM situations and events that have been done by the author over the years with various female submissive's, from underwater bondage to endurance suspension inside at the top of 100 foot grain storage silo's, to being tied on a "rape rack" where 3 males can use them sexually at the same time, to dangerous bondage involving "noose play" where the submissive is bound and actually hanged for short periods of time or until she has a orgasm from the bondage/noose play, suspension bondage from hot air balloons and on several occasions wrist tied a naked submissive and given her a 30 minute head start and then "hunted" her with special "blunt-end" arrows, They can do harm if they strike a bone to hard or hit an eye, otherwise they bruise and hurt. Once in awhile they will break the skin about a 1/4 inch deep, but this is the danger the submissive wants for their own arousal and sexual pleasure. No such hunts were conducted in the United States.
He has woven his experiences into a fictional series of books with one of his favorite real life submissive's; "Felicia/Karen" as the main character. Much of the play centers on his play with her over a span of 12 years. Her physical description has been used for Felicia/Karen.

The Chroniques have a FIVE STAR RATINGS.

Photo from
actual camping trip held captive for a week
By Author
Pleasure and Research She wanted a second week.
6 weeks later I kept her captive in the woods for a month. Additional photos in photos section.

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